Joel Corry, one of Out The Park’s busiest DJ’s has been crowned World Champion Fitness Model at the annual Miami Pro Championship event held in St. Albans, Herts beating more than 60 competitors.

How he manages to balance his hugely successful DJ career with the dedication and commitment it needs to win a competition like this, we’re not quite sure. So we went straight to the horses mouth to get some answers… Here goes!

  1. Firstly, as your exclusive agents, the whole team want to say congratulations on your win!

Thank you! I am still on cloud 9! It has honestly been the best week of my life!

  1. Let’s cut straight to the chase. DJing and fitness don’t usually go hand in hand. Late nights mixed with early morning workouts must be tough to maintain. What’s the secret?

Yes it has been a huge challenge to prep for this competition whilst still touring around the UK DJing! The hardest part was definitely the late nights and long days travelling! When you are training and dieting to that level it is very important to sleep well to allow your body to recover! Also with such a regimented daily routine the last thing you want is for your body clock to be all over the place! There were some nights where I would be eating my meal prep in the car literally before walking through the nightclub doors haha! However, DJing is my number one passion and I always said from the start I would not let my contest prep ever affect my performance in front of a crowd!

  1. We were talking in the office, saying “I wonder if Joel trains to his own mixes?” :) Does music play a big part in your training? What sort of tunes do you listen to when you’re in the gym?

Haha there is a funny story here! I trained at Monster Gym in Cheshunt for my competition prep! After a few weeks of training there, word got around that I was a DJ! One of the gym staff must have got hold of my SoundCloud because every time I train there now they are always playing my mixes on loop! It is kind of off-putting when I hear ‘Joel Corry In The Mix’ blaring through the gym while I am trying to rep it out!

  1. We’ve read the article in the Daily Mirror about your win which mentions that your stage presence was one of the deciding factors. Do you think having to perform on stage as a DJ has helped you with that?

For sure! When I am DJing in front of a huge crowd I automatically go into character! This is also the case when I walk out on stage at a competition! The stage presence and confidence came naturally to me and this was definitely helped by years of performing in nightclubs! If I am standing in front of an audience, either in a nightclub or a fitness show, I am there to entertain! My aim is to capture that crowd and keep them engaged throughout my entire performance!

  1. We’re now starting to see more and more overseas DJing gigs come in for you taking you all over the world with your career. Do you see the fitness side of things following suit?

Yes! My heart is set on America! I really believe I can continue to be successful in both my DJing and fitness and I have always said the next step is crossing over to the States! My hunger and focus is at an all time high, nothing will stop me chasing my dream!

  1. Finally, for anyone reading this who’s passionate about fitness or the music business, what advice can you give them which may help them achieve the success you have?

I am a firm believer in working hard and good things will come, there are no secrets! It just boils down to…how bad do you really want it!? In 2015 people are going to see the result of the hard work I have been putting in for years! Once you achieve your goal then you move straight onto your next goal, never stop working!

As Joel’s exclusive agents, we couldn’t be happier about his win. His gig calendar is already filling fast, right through to the end of the year and 2015 is looking like his biggest year yet. He’s going from strength to strength (pun intended;) and anyone who’s heard Joel play will understand why!

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