Already knocking it out the park!

How the latest addition to dance music’s talent agencies got off first base.

With the global electronic dance music scene hitting an estimated worth of over $6.2 billion worldwide* it’s no surprise that the demand for both emerging and established DJ and Producer talent has hit an all time high. Even Walt Disney is involved, recently overtaking Interscope with their Deconstructed label for album sales and with Calvin Harris earning more than Ronaldo and Jay Z in 2013 (according to Forbes magazine) we think it’s safe to say the whole world is experiencing a dance music explosion! Demand is high and the opportunity for new brands, businesses and industry services is right here, right now!

Introducing the very aptly named DJ and Artist agency ‘Out The Park’.

A soft launch in December 2014 kickstarted the new agency, hitting the ground running with a neat, boutique style roster of artists such as Kiss FM’s DJ Neev and Steve Smart, internationally booked Joel Corry and regular Beatport success Fully Charged to name a few. OTP’s full roster includes exclusive representation of the hottest Kiss FM club DJ’s (Steve Smart, Neev, AJ King, Warren Flanagan & Danny Lee) who are rubbing shoulders alongside industry legends such as Miss Moneypenny’s Jim ‘Shaft’ Ryan. And it’s not just about the higher profile names, OTP are also proud to be representing the likes of Eton Messy inspired DJ collective Empire Sounds. It’s a great start for OTP, whose management team quite clearly have big plans for 2015!

So what makes OTP any different to the 100’s of other agents popping up quicker than a game of Whac-A-Mole? Well, if you take a look under the hood, Out The Park may be a new brand but the team behind it are no strangers to the scene. Out The Park is a natural progression and sister company of the award winning, 29 years established, celebrity and talent agency Big Bang. In addition, OTP made a savvy move by assigning industry head Harvey Mason (also MD of as Head of Media and Partnerships.

When representing talent, the relationships and knowledge within the industry are key and there certainly ain’t no shortage of those elements amongst the team at OTP! It was a strategic decision made by Steve Markbride, the MD of both Big Bang and Out The Park to create a new business model to accommodate the demand for electronic dance music DJs, Producers and Artists and already that strategy is paying off with Out The Park showing a consistent increase of talent bookings.

10 roster spaces available

For both established and emerging DJs, Producers and Artists, it’s a great time to get involved with Out The Park. Their experience in agency representation goes back further than the lifespan of most DJs out there and whether it’s assistance managing existing demand for bookings on a domestic or global scale, or whether artists are just starting out looking for guidance and advice, OTP have the skill and experience to push the boundaries of their careers.

Out the park are looking to recruit new talent to add to their existing roster. They have recently opened up their books to 10 new recruits. To apply, please email – both established and emerging artists are welcome!

*Ref: International Music Summit 2014 Report


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